Luxo Double Checker

Luxo Double Checker Mosaic 1Luxo Double Checker Mosaic 2

Luxo Double Checker

This is a laboratory-built HDR scene that was created for testing and characterization of the imaging system. It is also a greattest of HDR rendering algorithms since it has a dynamic range nearing a million to one. The ColorChecker on the left side of the image has no direct illumination. The cow is a physical model of the METACOW!

OpenEXR File: Download.

Scene Data File: Download.

Measurement Map: Download.

Mirror Ball (TIFF) File: Download.

Luxo Double Checker Locally Rendered
A locally-rendered version of Luxo Double Checker. Note that in the original scene the black patch on the right is reflecting about 17 times more light than the white patch on the left. However, they retain their black and white appearances due to local adaptation (as illustrated in this rendering).