Light (Level 1)

Rainbow Eyes
Our eyes sense the light from the world around us and start the process of seeing color. You might think the light on these eyes is colored, but really it is your very own eyes and brain that are creating that color from the light coming from this picture.

What is Color?

Color is a human perception.

We see color because our eyes and brains respond to light present in the world around us. That light comes from light sources such as the sun, light bulbs, or even televisions. Sometimes that light interacts with objects before reaching our eyes and the objects allow more or less of the different types of light to reach our eyes. This makes different things look different colors.

Color is part of our sense of vision. It is similar to how we respond to other aspects of the world with our other senses such as taste, hearing, touch, and smell.

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Ever wonder ... Why is color?


Updated: Dec. 4, 2009