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Explore Mysteries of Color --- Discover Why is Color

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1. What is color?
2. Why is a rainbow?
3. What is the best color for sunglasses?
4. Why is the sky blue?
5. How do fireworks make light and color?
6. How does the light affect how bright a color appears?
7. What is light?
8. Why can we only see visible radiation?


1. Why are leaves green?
2. Why do colors of stained glass windows look so beautiful and different from other objects?
3. Why do leaves change in the autumn?
4. Would a dark colored M&M melt faster than a light one?
5. How does a mood ring work? What do the colors mean?
6. Why is green often used for surgeons' scrubs?
7. What color is the moon?
8. How can two objects match in one lighting and not match in another?


1. Why are eyes different colors?
2. Why does our pupil change size?
3. How are animal eyes different from human eyes?
4. Why are some people color blind?
5. Why can't I see colors at night?
6. Why do people get red-eye in photographs?
7. Why can't we see all the different colors (wavelengths) within one color?
8. Do you attribute the incredibly complex workings of the eye to evolution or creation?


1. How many different color crayons are there?
2. What are the primary colors?
3. Why is three an important number in color?
4. How many colors are there in the world?
5. How does a computer represent colors as numbers?
6. Can my computer really display "millions" of colors?
7. How are colors measured?
8. How many dimensions are required to describe color appearance?


1. What's my favorite color?
2. Why do colors fade in the evening?
3. Why do flowers have different colors?
4. What does the world look like to color blind people?
5. Why can I see well outside when my mom (who's inside) thinks it's too dark to be out?
6. What is the meaning of different colors?
7. If no light falls on an object does it still have a color?
8. Why is color?


1. How do colors mix to make other colors?
2. What is a camera?
3. How does a color television make colors?
4. How do digital cameras detect colors?
5. Why does the moon look large on the horizon, but this doesn't show up in photographs?
6. Why aren't my photographs the same colors as the original scenes?
7. How does an ink-jet printer produce colors?
8. Why is digital TV better than analog TV? Is HDTV really better than SDTV?


1. What is color?
2. Can different people see the same rainbow?
3. Can a dog see color as well as you?
4. If I have a room with 50 men and 50 women in it, how many will be color blind?
5. What is the functional difference between rods and cones?
6. What is adaptation?
7. How is color perception different from hearing?
8. What is metamerism?


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