Challenge (Level 6)

Canadian Swans, Eh!
Another kind of adaptation is how animals adapt to the environment in which they live. This is not the same as perceptual adaptation, but like perceptual adaptation it is an adjustment made to the prevailing environmental conditions. However, animal adaptations don't occur within a single organism like perceptual adaptation, they occur over evolutionary periods. These swans have at least two adaptations, webbed feet to help them swim and flattened bills to help them dig for food.

Quiz Time: What Is Adaptation?

(A) Your Ability to Ignore Your Parents

(B) When a Family Brings Home a New Pet

(C) The Ability of the Visual System (All Sensory Systems) to Adjust to Prevailing Conditions

(D) Falling Asleep During Boring Class Lectures



Updated: Apr. 19, 2011