Challenge (Level 7)

Acadia and Finn or is it Finn and Acadia
Different animals also perceive the world differently. While my daughter and her horse both have eyes and ears that function in similar manners, they have different capabilities. My daughter can see colors and fine details better than her horse. He can probably see a little better in dim light than she can. Hearing wise, the horse is probably sensitive to different frequencies and tuned into different important sounds (like the buzzing of flies rather than the sound of her mother's voice).

Quiz Time: How is Color Perception Different From Hearing?

(A) We Can't See Frequencies of Light (Wavelengths), Like We Can Hear Frequencies of Sound (Notes)

(B) We Can See Spectra, But Only Hear Certain Combinations of Notes (Chords)

(C) There Are Three Cone Types, But Only Two Types of Hearing Receptors

(D) We Can Localize Objects With Vision, But Not With Hearing



Updated: Apr. 19, 2011