Challenge (Level 8)

Are Squirrels and Trees Metameric Matches
Are there metameric matches in nature, or are they a man-made phenomenon? I have often wondered about this, but never had the time (and instrumentation available) to make a detailed search for natural metamers. One theory I have is that gray squirrel fur is metameric with tree bark. What do you think? Squirrels and trees do not have the same pigments. Squirrels do blend in well. Is it metamerism? Or is it just good camouflage with similar distributions of colors.

Quiz Time: What is Metamerism?

(A) A Process for Deciding Whether to Have White or Red Wine with Dinner

(B) Two Stimuli that Match in Color Despite Spectral Differences

(C) A Love of Information About Mermaids

(D) The Combination of Light and Object that Matches a Stimulus



Updated: Apr. 19, 2011