Challenge (Level 4)

Psuedo Anaglyph of Egyptian Paint from Cleveland Museum
Did you know that there are also people who are stereo blind? That means that they cannot see 3D images and movies. In fact 3D movies can give them severe headaches. There are probably more stereo blind people in the world than color blind people (I'm one of them!). Some estimates are as high as 30% of the population with some deficiency in stereo vision. This is a picture of Egyptian red, green, and blue paint from about 1420 BCE that is still intact and colorful (now in the Cleveland Museum of Art).

Quiz Time: If I Have a Room with 50 Women and 50 Men in it, About How Many will be Color Blind?

(A) 0 Men and 8 Women

(B) 4 Men and 0 Women

(C) 4 Men and 4 Women

(D) All of Them!



Updated: Apr. 19, 2011