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So Many Crayon Choices in the Store
If you were to go shopping for crayons you would be faced with very many choices. Crayola makes hundreds of different crayon, marker, pencil, and other fun coloring things. When you add in the choices from other companies, the numbers start to boggle the mind. Some way or another you can make pretty much any color you want.

How Many Different Color Crayons are There?

According to Crayola there are currently 120 colors of their crayons. Amazingly, in over 100 years that Crayola has been making crayons, they have created more than 400 different colors! You can read some more about their colors on the Crayola website. There are also other fun activities and facts about crayons there.

Right now, the biggest box of crayons that Crayola sells has 120 crayons of different colors. Not too long ago you could get a Telescoping Crayon Tower with 150 different crayons. I bought one a couple of years ago and it might still be possible to find some.

Crayola is just one of many brands of crayons. There are at least 25 different companies that make crayons sold with more than 100 different brand names. Of course some of those companies make crayon colors that are the same as one available from Crayola, but I'm sure there are some other colors out there. It's probably safe to guess that there are at least 200 different crayon colors out there in the world, and maybe even more.

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Updated: Apr. 11, 2011