Seeing (Level 1)

I See Blue
Blue! When lots of people are asked to name their favorite color, the most popular choice by far is blue. Nobody knows why. Do you have any ideas? Maybe because the sky is blue, or because clean sea water is blue. What is your favorite color?

What's My Favorite Color?

Blue? If I had to guess your favorite color, my first guess would always be blue. Why? Well, for some reason that is the most popular color when people are asked what is their favorite. Of course your favorite color is a personal choice and it can be any color you like. And even though some people might try to tell you otherwise, your choice of a favorite color really doesn't say anything about you or your personality. My favorite color is red.

Crayola has done a survey on America's favorite crayon colors and their number one choice is blue, followed by cerulean blue, with several other shades of blue in the top choices. When I ask my students to name their favorites, blue always comes out on top.

Your favorite color also can change throughout your life. When I was young, my favorite color was green. When I went to college it was orange. A little later on it became red and that has been my favorite for some time now.

I found an interesting internet survey on favorite colors here. It shows more about the popularity of favorites for a bunch of different people. He also found that blue was most popular!

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Updated: Apr. 19, 2011